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How much will VoiceReach increase the conversations I’m able to have with prospects?

Depending on the list you’re using and the length of your conversations, VoiceReach typically delivers 6 to 15 conversations per hour.We guarantee a minimum of six conversations per hour, provided conversation in a session exceeds six minutes in length, and provide additional sessions at no charge to meet this guarantee.

How does VoiceReach ensure that my prospect speaks directly to me without any delay or wait time?

VoiceReach uses a completely different system than the “robo call” computer dialers or “predictive dialer” technology used by call centers. With VoiceReach, your sales person is actually “on hold,” standing by to immediately receive a connected call, which is transferred to them in real time and imperceptible to the prospect.

How does VoiceReach work?

Most sales reps making outbound calls spend a lot of time dialing numbers, navigating phone menus, wrangling with gatekeepers, and leaving voicemails, just to get one prospect on the phone. VoiceReach offloads this non-productive activity to our team of well-trained live call navigators. We make multiple calls in parallel, and when one of our callers connects with a target prospect, the call is immediately opened up to your sales rep, with no delay. Other calls being dialed are immediately terminated and redialed later in the session. As the call is transferred, the information about the prospect is simultaneously displayed in your sales rep’s browser so they know immediately who they’re speaking with, what company, previous calling notes, etc.

How do your call navigators (agents) deal with IVR phone tree menus, live gatekeepers, and voicemail?

Phone menus: Our call navigators follow whatever call format they encounter, following the instructions to ultimately be connected to the prospect.

Gatekeepers: Our call navigators follow phone scripts that have been proven to be 30% – 40% effective in getting calls transferred to prospects. If there is any pushback from a gatekeeper, the call is immediately terminated. At no time do our navigators identify your company, or engage in expanded exchanges with gatekeepers beyond our scripted format.

VoiceMail: On average, our stats indicate that B2B calls will encounter voicemail 50% – 80% of the time. You have the choice of either having us play a personally recorded voicemail from your sales person or aborting the call. Most clients elect to abort the call since generic voicemails elicit very low call back rates.

Do I need to schedule my dialing sessions in advance?

Yes. Ideally, it’s best if you schedule your sessions at least 24 hours in advance, using our online scheduling portal. However, depending on demand, we can usually accommodate a calling session on demand, with 30 minutes notice. On demand sessions need to be coordinated via email or phone with one of our session managers.

I already have a dialing platform which I use for sales prospecting. Why should I consider VoiceReach?

VoiceReach offers a much better alternative to two other types of older outbound calling technologies:

Auto-Dialers – There are many forms of auto dialers, which are usually buttons within CRM systems that will automatically dial a number or a cloud-based system such as the Power Dialer from InsideSales.com which essentially does the same thing. While auto dialers can save some time for your sales reps, there are severe limitations. First, auto dialers can only make one call time, as compared with the multiple parallel dialing technologies an auto-dialer used by VoiceReach, which can dial up to 300 numbers per hour. Second, even when a sales rep connects with a nan autodialer, the rep still may have to navigate the phone menu, deal with the gatekeeper, and leave a voicemail, which can take as much as65%of their calling time.

Predictive Dialers – Predictive dialers are used by outbound call centers to maximize calling efficiency, but unfortunately create a negative experience for prospects being called. Computers are used to dial multiple numbers at once, and when a connection is made, the dialing system then calls the sales rep to connect the call. This process necessitates an inherent delay of several seconds or longer, which is annoying to prospects and causes many of them to hang up.

How does VoiceReach integrate with my CRM system?

VoiceReach provides a very robust integration with SalesForce (enterprise edition), which facilitates completely seamless back-and-forth passthrough of list management and call results. (Setup takes only 10-15 minutes).

Also, VoiceReach includes a comprehensive set of API’s,so that custom integration with other CRM systems and marketing systems can be easily set up.

Does VoiceReach require me to have tons of prospect leads?

VoiceReach can be deployed to call smaller lists, e.g. to do follow up calls to a list of trade show or website attendees, but it is typically integrated into a company’s long-term volume prospecting activities. For hard to reach prospects VoiceReach may dial as many as 300 numbers in a one hour session, and we suggest that a minimum of 150 contacts per session be provided.

What if I have an outdated/ inadequate lead list?

Our sister data division specializes in providing RightLeads, customized prospect data, data verification, list hygiene, and researching hard to find prospects based on niche criteria. Our data team coordinates with multiple data vendors use intelligent human research, and phone verification to provide relevant contacts that are 100% relevant & 95% accurate.

What results can I expect to see If I use VoiceReach:

Most of our clients see a 6x to 10x increase in sales rep conversations when using VoiceReach on a regular basis, and you can expect significant improvement in sales performance on a sales rep basis. A hidden benefit of VoiceReach is that it improves sales rep morale and motivation, as it enables them to spend much less time on the grinding routine of dialing, and more time engaging in actual sales conversations.

We offer a sophisticated Excel-based ROI calculator that makes it easy for you to calculate exactly what you can expect in terms of cost/conversation relative to what you’re doing now. To receive the calculator, contact our Sales at 408-831-3801 or send an email to sales@nexsales.com.

Is it possible to bundle VoiceReach and RightLeads? What benefits would I see?

Number of conversations highly depend on the quality of your calling list. If your list does not have correct phone numbers or outdated information then you end up wasting sales rep’s valuable time and cost incurred for dialing wrong people, RightLeads are customized and laser targeted for your specific needs. Most often companies buy data from big data companies or other 3rd parties only to discover that accuracy of data is at best 40 to 60%. RightLeads give you 100% relevant and 95% accurate data. With RightLeads, you will achieve higher number of conversations which will significantly reduce your cost per conversation.

We can offer you a bundle price for VoiceReach & RightLeads and make your campaign or sales efforts highly productive and rewarding.

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