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100% Relevant, Over 95% Accurate.


100% Relevance: Curated from Social Profiles and your Campaign-specific keywords.


Extreme Accuracy: Human Verified. Time Stamped.
> 95% Accurate.


Broad Dataset: Select from over 30MM accounts and 90MM contacts


True ABM: Identify accounts by tech installs & global reach; Deep mining into named accounts.

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Finding and Maintaining Prospect Data is Challenging…

  • Most online databases are 30% to 70% inaccurate
  • Social profiles and footprints are difficult to compile
  • Large datasets degrade rapidly and are seldom updated
  • Identifying net-new data often involves hidden costs
  • Multi-list sourcing is expensive and complex
  • Non-firmographic account targeting (like tech installs or custom parameters) is complicated
  • ABM needs deep dives to uncover all relevant leads
  • International lead lists have inconsistent coverage and quality
  • Direct dial telephone numbers are hard to find
  • Inbound leads need real-time updates for rapid response and conversions…


10 Years. 500 Clients. 3,500 Campaigns.

RightLeads Delivers Every Time.


Your unique requirements are front and center.
Data modeling begins with your ideal customer personas, your target social profiles, your suppression list, your keyword requirements and your chosen filters

Your first dataset is custom-curated.
Our research specialist coordinates algorithmic searches across tens of millions of proprietary and partner records; and scans social and intent parameters. You’ll try your first list and share your feedback. PS: You’re likely to be overwhelmed!

Your “production” data is engineered to deliver high conversion rates.
Machine learning replicates early successes. Match algorithms suppress against your lists. Human researchers vet data for accuracy, relevance and deep-mining of accounts. Data architects tweak parameters to increase yield. Quality analysts ensure high standards in compliance and accuracy.

Your needs will evolve, and RightLeads will adapt to them
Account Based Marketing? Intent Marketing? International markets? Net new contacts? Data appends? CRM refresh? We’ll iterate, rebuild, renew.

The result? Actionable, 95% accurate and 100% relevant lead data that is guaranteed to convert at industry-beating rates

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